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Harmonized Design

So began my passion for this thing called art...

Perhaps my uncle was simply employing a means to keep me out of trouble, but his method worked and has stayed with me ever since. I still find the greatest joy in creating something from nothing, and it is with the same pride that I pay the closest attention to every detail. I can dot my ‘i’s and cross my ‘t’s with the best of them. I can color within the confines of the lines or let my imagination explode across the page. My style is fluid and ever changing. My palette vibrant. I can be soft and subdued or radiant and wild. Whatever the situation calls for, I like to create a sense of balance and harmony in everything I do. Whether it is old or new, man or machine, corporate or contemporary, I see to it that all my offspring play nice with one another in a harmonized blend.


har•mon•ize | här’mə-nīz |
• produce a pleasing visual combination :
the containers harmonize in color, texture, and shape with the flowers they display.
• make consistent :
colors that harmonize in a pleasing way COORDINATE, go together, match, blend, mix, balance; be compatible, be harmonious, suit one another.
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